I’m interested in bidding. What do I need to do so I can bid?

Go to the auction site by clicking on the yellow bar on our Home Page that says “Click Here to Bid Online.” There, you’ll see all the auction that are active or upcoming. Select the auction you’re interested in. Look at everything in the auction and if you decide that you’d like to place a bid, you can click on the link that says “Get Approved to Bid.” It’s towards the top right section in blue. This takes approximately 2 minutes.

How do I place a bid?

Once you have signed up for an account (by following instructions above) you are ready to bid. Click on any item in the auction. They are organized by lot numbers. Lot 1 is the first auction item. Lot 2 is the next. All the auction lots are organized in numerical order. Click on the Lot you’d like to bid on and enter the dollar amount you would like to bid where it says “Enter Your Maximum Absentee Bid.” The system is set up to move up in one-dollar increments. If the current bid is $41, you have two options: you can enter a bid of $42 or you can enter a Proxy Bid of something higher (for example $75). (More on Proxy Bids below.) If you entered $75 as a proxy bid and the auction ends 2 minutes from now with no one else having entered a bid within that 2 minutes, you will be the winner at $42.

When I placed a bid, it says I’ve been outbid within seconds of placing my bid. How could someone else have placed a higher bid so quickly?

What you’re seeing is the Proxy Bid system at work. When you see the “You’ve Been Outbid” notice immediately after placing your bid, this means that someone has already entered a higher bid amount than the bid amount you’ve just placed. This means that they enter a higher proxy bid amount earlier (maybe 2 days ago or 2 hours ago, for example). Here’ an example of the proxy bid system works:

Bidder A placed a bid on Lot 1 a few days ago for $200. The current bid is showing up as $50. You (Bidder B) come along and place a bid of $53. You immediately receive a “You’ve Been Outbid” notice because someone else (Bidder A) has already placed a higher bid. You then enter a bid of $60 and get the same instant message that you’ve been outbid. If the auction were to end now with no one else placing a bid, Bidder will have won Lot 1 for $61 (even though he entered a max proxy bid of $200), since the system is set up to move up in one-dollar increments.


Note that there are often more than 2 bidders bidding on any given lot so you may see the immediate “You’ve Been Outbid” notice more commonly on popular items especially within the last few hours of the auction closing.

How do I know if I am winning an item or if someone has bid over me? How do I know if I’ve won something after the auction ends?

While an auction is still active you can click on the Your Account tab on the menu bar of the auction page. There you’ll see everything you’ve bid on that you’re currently winning on and ones you’re currently losing on. By default you will receive an e-mail alerting you when someone has entered a bid higher than yours. You can also enable text alert notification when someone places a bid higher than yours after you have gone in to bid.


Once the auction has completely ended, meaning every single lot has ended (i.e. the countdown timer for each lot has been exhausted and there’s no longer any bidding activity), we send out invoices via e-mail to those who won something in the auction. The invoices are sent out the night the auction ends. ALWAYS. Our confirmation reports tell us that all e-mails are sent out successfully and we also copy in another internal e-mail address so we know that invoices were sent successfully. If you did not receive an invoice via e-mail, please notify us and we can re-send it. If you have a filter through your e-mail server, it may go into an spam folder automatically. If you know or think you won something in the auction and did not receive an invoice, to to the Your Account tab on the auction page and you will see exactly what you won (if any).

How do I know where I’m supposed to pick up something I won in the auction?

When we send out the invoices the night the auction ends, we provide pick-up instructions on the invoice: where to pick up, what days/times you can pick up, and other relevant details. We also post these details on the front page of our website (OahuAuctions.com and IslandBid.com) the day after the auction ends, since pick-up days are usually scheduled for the two days following the end of the auction.

How do I pay for the things I’ve won in the auction?

An invoice is sent via e-mail to all who won something in the auction. Because some people prefer to pay with cash or cashier’s checks, we accommodate this option up until 3:30pm the day after the auction ends. After that time, the credit card you entered when you registered will be charged automatically for the total amount of your invoice. Unfortunately, bidders do not yet have the ability to log in to their accounts and submit payment online on their own. We usually schedule two days of pickup. You can show up physically to pay with a credit card (or cash) on the first day or we will charge your card automatically after 3:30pm if you choose not to pick up your items on the first day and will be picking up on the 2nd day instead.

If I cannot make the pick-up time, can someone else pick up for me?

Once payment has been made, we can issue your things to a person you designate to pick up your things on your behalf. You will need to provide us with that person’s name (via text or e-mail). We will check that person’s ID.

The countdown timer for the item I was bidding showed that there were only 4 minutes left. When I placed a bid, I noticed that the timer had changed and there was now 6 minutes left. Why did this happen?

It’s noted in the Terms and Conditions along with the Auction Details, that if anyone goes in to bid within the last 5 minutes of a particular lot’s scheduled ending time, there will be 5 minutes added to the clock for that particular auction lot. The idea behind this is so that someone can’t sneak in and place a bid within the last 10 seconds. That way, people who are still interested in bidding can have a chance to react and still have time to place another bid should they choose to. When there is no bidding activity within the last 5 minutes of the timer, it will wind down and come to a conclusion when it reaches 0.

I live on another island. Can items be shipped to me?

Yes, please contact us. We can provide recommendations for third party shippers. We do not handle shipping in house. 

I won something in the auction that needs to be taken apart and disassembled.

Are you able to do this for me?

Bidders are responsible for disassembly but we can recommend an independent 3rd party who can take provide this and deliver to your door.

I am bidding on two tables that are exactly the same. I only need one. If I am the high bidder on both can I pick one and not take the other?

No. You are responsible for paying for all the items you win in the auction.

Do you conduct auctions outside of Oahu?

We commonly conduct auctions from the various Hawaiian islands (including Lanai and Molokai), encompassing estates, restaurants and commercial and industrial personal property.

I have some items that I would like to have auctioned off. How do I go about doing this?

We have auctioned off a diverse array of goods, estates, restaurants and industrial and commercial equipment. We can take a look at what you have and figure out a strategy. Please also see the “Want an Auction?” page of our website to see more details.